Ostgryta Rademaker NL

Exempel på Ystningsutrustning


Dear Irwing,

As attachment I send the offer for both 1000 and 2000 liter. Prices can change without notice

I have also attached some pictures of our high quality cheese vats. With the touch screen and the wireless sensor stick in the milk / curd it is a pleasure to make cheese.

1000 liter cheese vat: Outside measures ca. 185 x 210 cm,  internal diameter ca. 150 cm, external diameter ca. 166 cm,  weight  ca. 450 kilo

2000 liter cheese vat: Outside measures ca. 235 x 260 cm,  internal diameter ca. 200 cm, external diameter ca. 216 cm,  weight  ca. 650 kilo

Height floor top of vat itselves ca 95-100 cm,  total height ca 150 cm.

When You need more information please contact us.

We will do 200% our best to produce Top quality cheese vats for You, like we always did in the past.

Best regards,  Henry